Cellular Art by KIMO

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Chapman University Ehibit Q&A Videos


#2 - What Is Your Process

#1 - Acknowledgments & Introductory Statement


#3 - When Did You Start?

#4 - What Is The Link Between
Creativity and Dyslexia?


#5 - What Do You Want To
Accomplish With Your Art?

#6 - How About The Political
References To Your Art?


#8 - Do You Think Being An Artist
Made You A Better Pathologist?

#7 - What Is One Of Your Favorite Pieces?


#10 - If You Had To Pick A Different Career
What Would You Like To Be?

#9 - How Do You Envision Research
In Your Life As An Artist And Pathologist?


#11 - How Do You Do
Everything That You Do?

#12 - Any Final Words You Would Like To Share
With The Chapman University Audience?


#14 - How Did Your Dyslexia
Detour Your Career Path

#13 - KIMʘ's Gift To Chapman University


#15 -
Do You Apply
Color To Your Art


#16 - Does Manipulating Images And
Applying Color Help Pathologists To
Better Read Cell Structures?


#17 - Does This Give You Anything
From A Spiritual Standpoint?

#18 - "Do The People Whose Cells You Use Know They Are Being Turned Into Art?