Cellular Art by KIMO

Meet KIMʘ


Like Superman...

KIMO takes on a different persona by day; as a mild-mannered pathologist. However, there is a supernatural power he has lurking underneath, as he flies down a mega-powerful microscope (no cape needed) and discovers naturally occurring images created by human, animal and plant cells.

As KIMO admits, "It is not often that interesting shapes and patterns take place. I am doing my job and only focus on the task at hand. But then, like when a coal miner unexpectedly discovers a diamond, the feeling of excitement is overwhelming! I just can't wait to share its beauty with the world."

When not working, or creating masterful works of art, KIMO spends time with his wife and kids in Pasadena, California. Oh, he is also known to play a little croquet on the side.

About Cellular Art by KIMʘ

(play the video below - enjoy!)